The Importance of Therapy

1 The Importance Of Therapy

No matter what age we reach a certain part about growing up is connected heavily with our environment and surroundings, and that is our mental health and state of mind and overall way of thinking. Our mental health could start arising issues at any age and time but usually many start experiencing issues throughout their teen years due to issues caused when they were younger that have a negative impact on our way of living, way of thinking and decision making.

During our teen years, we usually have one thought on our minds “Am I the only one feeling this way?”; the felling of loneliness is one of the most common emotions that come about during difficult times, often making the individual suffer within a constant cycle of over thinking and questioning, however, we are never alone during difficult times; whether it is a friend, a family member, or even a significant other, there is at least one person we can open up to but it is never easy, that’s why going to therapy is one of the most beneficial options during difficult times or even to improve overall mental status in general.

A great benefit about therapy is that it is always a great time for an honest, deep, and vulnerable conversation. Talking about our emotions and issues we face from within or from our outside environment is not an easy task, some can not even dare to open up to their close ones about any difficulty they may face due to feeling like they may be a burden. In therapy all those thoughts should be gone, the therapist office is a safe zone for the client, but of course trust and comfort are always important, therefore, take your time and never feel bad for being awkward during your first session.

Therapy is not just for one individual; therapy can be for more than one person such as a family or a couple or even friends that are going through a hard time. Communication is the key to having a sort of healthy relationship, even the relationship between ourselves, it helps improve our mindset and create a more positive and more understanding thoughts, it will also help us improve how to deal with stress and other complications we may feel, in a way it basically re-programs our mindsets in order to think better and make better and healthier life choices.

Therapy is not just about talking but it is about healing. It heals our present issues that were caused by past actions and situations we went through in our lives; healing is the only way to create a new path in our life, healing takes time and energy, but it is all worth it and beneficial for our future self and future choices in life. With all of that being said, therapy may seem like we are basically paying a random stranger to listen to our problems but it is truly beyond that, it is a painful and ugly journey to a better road ahead of us in the future; Plus it adds some new skills to our communication and helps us sort problems with a better way of thinking and have better understanding of our emotions and other peoples emotions.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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