1 How To Stay Motivated 1

How to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated can be a challenging task, especially when faced with obstacles or setbacks. However, by implementing certain strategies, it is possible to maintain a positive attitude and stay motivated towards achieving your goals. One […]

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1 Sanrio Characters

Sanrio Characters

The term Sanrio might be unfamiliar to many people, but it is quite an influential company that created a variety of famous characters, such as Hello kitty. The company Sanrio started in 1960 at Nihonbashi, […]

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1 Thanksgiving Vs Christmas

Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Christmas and Thanksgiving are well known holidays that are near the end of the year. While, both holidays are connected to family gatherings and food, there are many differences between the two holidays. Christmas is […]

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1 2 How To Deal With Seasonal Depression

How to Deal with Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression also known as Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs during seasonal changes. Seasonal depression/ Seasonal affective disorder usually starts to show symptoms during change of seasons especially from summer […]

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1 Origin Of Halloween

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween is one of the most famous holidays around the world especially in America and Canada. Halloween is one of the oldest traditions in the world, it also stands out due to its unique theme […]

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1 Nazareth


When the word Nazareth is heard many thoughts come to mind, are we talking about Nazareth the band? Nazareth the name? or Nazareth the city? Well, this time we will be talking about Nazareth the […]

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