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1 Sexual Health

Sexual health is about the health and function of our reproductive systems. It is important to be educated about the needs of our health especially our reproductive system and its needs. Sexual health can be defined by many things such as being provided good and helpful information about sexuality and the activities that may happen throughout it, consequences of sexual activity or information to help avoid any complications with our sexual health.

Part of growing up is exploring your sexuality and understanding your preferences such as the gender you prefer or the activities you are willing to explore and are not willing to explore, it is also important to educate yourself about your reproductive system and learn how to manage it and keep yourself safe from diseases and such. Today it is very easy to research information on the internet and there are many helpful videos that can answer your questions, but it is also very important to go to a doctor and get checked at least once a year after a certain age to keep track of your health.

During puberty our hormones change, and we physically change overall, for girls its mainly physical and it happens earlier than physical changes for boys. With physical development comes many new challenges and many new issues such as the menstrual cycle. Many other changes include the increased interest in sexual activities which sadly many younger kids do not know much about the consequences, therefore, if the school does not provide the young students with some type of educational information about the importance of being safe, it can end up badly.  

Another complication that comes with change of hormones during puberty is the malfunctions that may accurse, such as some hormones can be higher than the other and can result in excessive body hair or complications with the development of the voice or even complications during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is important to have yearly check ups at the doctor and understanding the issue before it gets too late and develops into a worse condition such as developing a cyst on top of your ovaries or infertility.

Sexual health education should also bring light about the disease and infections that can happen such as STDs or even simple issues like UTIs, but just because they are simple issues does not mean they should not be taken seriously, because if not taken properly it can develop into something much worse than expected. STDs are one of the worst issues the reproductive system can go through, if the person is infected with a STD, it must be taken seriously and seek professional help to eliminate the development of it.

Thankfully due to the internet many of the younger generation is getting exposed to more open communities that provide information about this topic and how to stay safe. Parents and schools should also make at least have an open discussion about this to eliminate the risks of diseases and complications for the younger and developing generation.

Luna Abd Elrazaq

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