How COVID-19 changed our perspective towards health and hygiene

1 How Coivd 19 Changed.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many were panicking and even reached the point of selling out hand sanitizers and toilet paper, but as time went on and as more research about the pandemic came out many calmed down and started understanding that having a life-time supply of toilet paper will not protect you from covid overall.

COVID-19 is a viral virus that caused a pandemic in the world, many people did not take it seriously at the start and sadly got a horrible experience after getting infected with the virus; to return into our daily pre-covid every day routines was hard due to the fact, that our daily routines involved constant checking of our surrounding and our health. One main factor that many people started taking more seriously is hygiene.

According to many research and basic human knowledge, keeping yourself clean will always keep your healthier since our bodies are basically the barrier between us and pathogens. At some point during the rise of the pandemic, there was many viral videos showing the power of soap, the most famous video was putting soap in a little bit of grounded pepper and seeing how fast it moves away from the soap, which basically proved that soap truly does keep the pathogens away and protects us from any possible germ or bacteria our daily routines require us to come in contact with.

Due to the growing information that was shared through many social media platforms, a lot of people have also been paying very close attention to their overall health and diet, but little did they know that the pandemic of COVID-19 will have a permanent change on the whole world and create a new understanding of basic human needs and tasks.

One of the new permanent changes was definitely wearing a mask almost everywhere we go, without the mask some would feel unsafe and even get a panic attack if they did not have a mask on around a place with a lot of people.

All these changes have made a 180 degree change on our everyday lives and perspectives, making everyone in the world more careful and more cautious about their surroundings, their social outings, their habits, and most importantly their health. It is almost impossible to even think of a daily routine without a vitamin C capsule in my mornings or carrying a hand sanitizer everywhere we go and of course having a mask covering your face and always carrying an extra mask with you for emergencies.

With all the information mentioned above it is safe to say the COVID-19 pandemic was a scary experience is still a scary experience for many but now many of us have a certain understanding and special routines of how to keep ourselves, out hygiene, and our health at its absolute best condition. These everyday habits that once made us panic have made a permanent change in our daily lives and routines for the best, but at least there is one benefit from this scary and crazy pandemic situation, and it is making us healthier and safer at the end of the day.

After you read this article do not forget to wash your hands well, shower and keep clean daily, and make sure to take your daily dose of vitamin C.

Luna Abd Elrazaq

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