The Dangers the Sun causes for our health

1 Dangers Of The Sun

During the summer season one of the most popular activities to do is go to the beach and tan. In many countries tanning is very popular and can even be viewed as sign of wealth, however now that summer is ending fall and winter are just around the corner which many people mistake the power of the sun during those seasons.

The sun is an essential especially for our bodies because it is the main source of vitamin D, which is one of the most important vitamins that are body needs, however, during fall many don’t go out of the house with sun block cream and just assume since its cold and gloomy they are safe from the sun damage.

The term ultraviolet or better known as UV rays are the most damaging aspect of the sun. During summer, the most obvious and smart thing to do is wear protective sun block and make sure to not spend a long time under the strong summer sun due to the damages and dangers the UV rays can cause to our health. Example for the damages the sun causes is heat stroke, dehydration, skin damage, wrinkles and aging, and worst of all it increases the risks of skin cancer. In winter, the sun isn’t as powerful as it is during summer however the usage of sunscreen should still be on top of your daily routine, despite the fact that UV rays will be less damaging to us during winter it is still important to take care of our outer barrier of the body which is the skin for many reasons including anti-aging and avoiding certain diseases. Also, even during winter, water consumption should be take seriously just as during summer to ensure hydration to our skin and body.

As mentioned above, the sun is an essential for the absorption of vitamin D for our bodies, but with all the damages the sun does to our health many will avoid the sun overall, but always try to find a different source for vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in certain foods but the second best choice for a vitamin D source other the sun is vitamin D capsules or injections depends on how deficient the individual is of the vitamin. If you still want to go out in the sun, it is suggested to go out during the hours that the UV isn’t as strong, that can be checked on our phones weather apps and do not forget to always wear sunblock and go into the sun at least 15 minutes everyday for a good source of vitamin D.

The sun at certain times cannot be avoided, therefore, sunscreen should always be on our skins to create a barrier and protective layer. Enjoying the sun is fun but always make sure to check the UV percentage and make sure to drink lots of water as well to avoid having a heat stroke. Winter and fall are approaching us slowly but surely and protection of our skin barrier is not less important or less cared about because the sun is not very visible. Remember to drink lots of water, take your daily dose of 15 minutes of sun exposure for vitamin D or simply take a Vitamin D supplement. And just like that we are ready for the season to come and another activity is added to our routines.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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