Why Prioritizing your self is important

1 Luna

The topic of self care has been widely discussed throughout the media, however it is still a rocky topic for many. Prioritizing your self and taking care of your needs might seem like an easy task but for many it is often neglected and ignored. 

As many say self care and self love in general is now an openly discussed topic therefore there is many suggestions and ways to create a path for ourselves and getting on a good track. An example for that is something as simple as taking your daily dose of needed vitamins and doing health check ups at least twice a year, that way you can track your needs and health with a closer look. Taking care of your body inside is one of the key elements to creating a healthier relationship with your body and to prioritize yourself because it all begins with our organs being healthy and well and then it will show on our outer body the improvements, many researchers say that the most important way to feel and look good is by taking care of our body from the inside, then we can take care of our diets and workout regimen and routines.

Another way many believe is taking a full day to just relax and enjoy a break from everything. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to a spa and spend a lot of money to make your self feel fresh and better but this routine of self care can be even done at home and can only take up 15 minutes of your day. Start your day with a fresh smoothie or a cup of coffee if that is your preference and then you can continue the day with a nice bowl of fresh fruits and begin your at home spa day. You can make your bathroom into a spa by taking a relaxing bath with bath salts and essential oils, many suggest lavender as it is a relaxing herb, it can be taken in as a hot warm tea or as in essential oil mixed in your bath water, however you take it, it will have a good effect on your overall relaxation levels. The next step is taking care of your hair, a nice rich hair mask would be the way to go and of course we can not forget to put on a nice face mask to refresh and sooth our skin and give it a nice and smooth barrier.

As you see, taking care of ourselves is not the hardest task to do but it is hard to find a window in our schedule to do so, thats why I suggest at least one of the weekend days to be your self care day but i also do suggest starting your day with a fresh smoothie or a nice cup of coffee or tea is always a great idea, and of course we can not forget taking vitamins should be a daily task for all of us because if you cannot take care of your meals and maintain good nutrition, vitamins are always here to balance out your health and well being.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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