The Art of Beauty

1 The Art Of Beauty

The question of are we ugly or are we attractive have been asked by our minds many times throughout our lives. Many people judge their appearance based on the beauty standards that are currently trending and based on the beauty standards society has set for us, but have you ever wondered why beauty is so envied and so desirable?

To have beauty is not just about being satisfied with our appearance; to have beauty is something that can open doors for many not just by looking in the mirror and being happy, but it can also score the individual with a better job, better reputation, better opportunities and overall, a better life.

 Having all those benefits almost makes having beauty as beneficial as being talented or gifted, that is why just like the beauty of art that can lead a person from having a gifted hobby or skill to becoming a successful artist with a great career, the art of beauty is a gift that can lead a simple individual with nothing special to a bright future.

Seeing the number of benefits having a beautiful face can get you, it is only understandable why many people will go through harsh diets, cosmetic surgeries, and many more just to fit the beauty mould society has set. In some countries it is quite shameful to improve your appearance by surgery and that can ruin the individual’s reputation but at the same time they expect the person to fit the harsh standards but criticize them when they try to.

On the other hand, many countries are extremely welcoming to the idea of plastic surgery, for example, South Korea, is one of the most popular countries when it comes to plastic surgery in order to improve your appearance, and it is very much praised in their society, in fact, not too long ago a new rule was put out in south Korea that banned citizens that are interested in applying for a job to put an image of themselves in the application form for a job they are interested in.

If you are wondering why that rule was announced, it is because many job application of very qualified workers were getting rejected because of their appearance but the very under-qualified workers were getting the jobs because they were extremely attractive and beautiful, keep in mind south Korea is probably one of the countries with the HARSHEST beauty standards, so no wonder plastic surgery is so popular there due to the harsh life some individuals have to live if they are deemed unattractive.

Beauty is so wanted not just for the compliments but for many more reasons, sometimes as we read above it is needed to have a successful life and career, so whether you are born with beauty or if your beauty was made by a doctor, it will be one of the reasons or the main reason for your success in some countries.

Despite all that was said above, always remember having beauty is very nice but being a hard-working person with good intentions is also an important feature to have in order to be taken more seriously in any environment and in any situation, you may face during your life.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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