Thick water VS. Normal Water: Who is more beneficial for our health

1 Thick Water Vs Normal Water

Water is an essential for our bodies and everyday lives. Not many would look at water and imagine there is different kinds of it since usually no matter what tap water or bottled water tastes the same and usually there is not much creativity when it comes to water, however, did you ever hear about thick water?

Water is usually described as flavourless, light, and refreshing beverage but thick water is a special type of water that has many benefits to our lives depending on our condition. Thick water or heavy water is similar to deuterium depleted water; deuterium depleted water has been found as a very healthy beverage that plays a big role in helping certain cancer conditions and so on. Thick water is basically just like the typical water we drink however it has a thicker heavier consistency, it feels a bit like swallowing oil, it is as thick as aloe vera gel, despite its’ many benefits it is usually used in certain scenarios.

Thick water absorbs more neurons than hydrogens, it also helps boost immune system and detox, it also boosts metabolism and increases the protective functions in the heart and liver. Normal water is recommended for healthy individuals without special needs to drink thick water because thick water is usually used for those with difficulty in swallowing due to a specific reason, it can be a medical condition or simply after operation.

Thick water has many health benefits but despite that it is not superior compared to normal water that we consume every day. Thick water is needed and is healthier in a scenario where the individual is facing a situation where they need an extra push due to an illness, as mentioned above cancer and difficulty in swallowing is one of the many reasons an individual is recommended to switch from regular water to thick/ heavy water.

When a healthy individual consumes thick water throughout the day it will not be a pleasant experience. Due to the unique and thick consistency thick water has to the regular and healthy individual it may be an unsettling experience going down the throat, therefore, a natural reaction would be to wanting to spit it out due to the consistency, that is why this water should only be used by those who need it and not for “fun”.

To sum up, thick/heavy water or deuterium depleted water is not better than regular water for those who are healthy and functioning individuals. Thick water is needed for those with difficult conditions and situations that need an extra boost in simple everyday functions such as swallowing food or more serious situations such as cancer. Both water options have many benefits, and both have their own unique characteristics and consistency, therefore, as the old saying goes “if it is not broken do not fix it” if you are in a situation where thick/heavy/ deuterium depleted water is necessary it is much better for you than regular normal water but if you are healthy and can function properly without help then normal regular water is better for you than thick/heavy/ deuterium depleted water.

Luna Abd Elrazaq

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