The Benefits of Coffee for our Health

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Coffee is a drink made from coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection and brewed into a powerful and enjoyable drink for many, especially in the morning. It is a perfect drink to start your day with and say hello and welcome a new fresh day to taken on and conquer all the challenges that may come your way.

Some people cannot begin their day properly unless they had their warm cup of perfectly brewed coffee to kick start their day and start waking up and preparing themselves to whatever may come their way. A healthy amount of coffee is from 2 to 5 cups a day, having a cup of coffee in the morning and after lunch is the perfect combination, but have you ever wondered how beneficial coffee is for our health?

Coffee is not just a drink that boosts your energy, but it is also a drink that can decrease your chances of developing certain diseases, for example, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and many more; having a lower chance of developing those diseases can grantee a longer and healthier life, which many strive to have and achieve throughout their lives.

Coffee can also give your metabolism the boost it needs and make it faster, therefore, it helps with weight loss, it is also very low in calories, and it also has antibiotics, so if you are considering beginning a weight loss journey consider adding coffee into your routine for a little but helpful ingredient.

One of the most obvious and most well-known facts about coffee is that it boosts your energy, it goes through your veins and reaches your brain making it help you wake up if you are not a morning person or it can help give you that extra little energy that you need to finish writing your essay that is due tomorrow. Coffee also helps you stay more focused, which helps while doing any important task, such as, studying, working, and so on.

Coffee can also help protect your brain from certain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer, and it can also improve your overall physical performance, many suggest drinking coffee before and athletic activity for improving your performance due to the increase in adrenaline levels in your bloodstream, and while training coffee will break down fat and use it as fuel making it also a great fat burner.

Coffee has many benefits if taken in a healthy amount, of course certain groups are recommended to avoid drinking coffee such as pregnant woman and little kids. As seen above coffee is a great cure for many things but of course it should be taken with responsibility to decrease the chance of addiction or negative results, everything has a benefit if used correctly and moderately, coffee is one of those things.

 Overall coffee has many benefits for all types of areas of the body and can help many with certain issues, so do not shy away from adding coffee into your routine or trying coffee for the first time, you never know how one simple ingredient can help improve your life and everyday routine and make it better.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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