A Book Review for the Eye-opening Book “My Body” by Emily Ratajkowski

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Emily Ratajkowski is a well-known model, actress, and activist. She got attention for her unbelievable beauty and gorgeous physique, but with fame surrounding her beauty she got a lot of good attention and a huge amount of negative attention, such as, extremely objectifying words towards her figure, being attacked for her appearance, and last but not least she was refused and immediately shut down when she voices her opinion about the industry she works in or any opinion or idea she was passionate about, many told her to stay quite and just be a pretty face only.

Despite the constant attacks towards her and the belittling words of many, the model wrote all her stories and experiences in this book. The book is very eye-opening about the ugly truth about the modelling industry and Hollywood overall. The book shows how having fame and beauty is not as amazing as it seems and the number of disgusting labels and objectification the model had to fight against just to escape the industry and have a bit of control with her image.

The model also wrote about how she struggled with the roles and jobs opportunities she was getting because of how people only hired her to put her in uncomfortable positions and some would even harass her in the middle of work and make her feel so small and powerless because she did not know how to defend herself against people that have much more power than her and how they can destroy her image if she said something.

In the book Emily Ratajkowski also described how she had to fight to get her-self back in the industry and to create art that she desired, she often describes the human body as a beautiful canvas that can create so many beautiful things without the need to sexualize everything about it, especially, the female body. Emily Ratajkowski’s father was an artist, therefore, the model has a wide range and imagination when it comes to art because that’s what she grew up around, many praise the actress for her artistic ability and even her anterior design ability.

With all the struggles Emily Ratajkowski faced during her career it is safe to say that she succecfully fought her battle against the industry; even though here is still a lot of haters and a lot of disgusting words thrown at her, the model is staying strong and even launched her very own brand and she can model and manage it however she desires and she finally has control over her image, work, and most importantly she has control over her body. She also has started her own family and the model has never been happier.

Emily Ratajkowski beautifully written book is a great way to see the many struggles of a woman everywhere, you do not need to be a famous model to understand and relate to the issues that were raised and talked about in this book, the book is magnificent way to show the point of view of how having a beautiful face brings objectifications and struggles every day, specifically, in the modelling and acting industry.

I suggest men and woman to read this book, even if it is not something that interests you, I think it is worth the read and definitely check out the interviews Emily Ratajkowski did for her book.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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