1 Nazareth

When the word Nazareth is heard many thoughts come to mind, are we talking about Nazareth the band? Nazareth the name? or Nazareth the city? Well, this time we will be talking about Nazareth the city. Nazareth has a special place in my hearth for many reasons. Nazareth is the city where I grew up in and it hold many memorable memories of me growing up, therefore, when I think about it many emotions come to mind, so today I will be talking about the charms of the city of Nazareth.

To begin with the obvious, Nazareth has a very long biblical history, it is the city where Jesus Christ and his parents and family lived and grew up in and it is the home of many historical and iconic churches and mosques all around town, it holds many great and beautiful stories and history filled sights. After school or sometimes when I ran away from school, I would go to the city centre of Nazareth and just walk around enjoying the historical architecture and the chaos of cars and citizens all around me. I remember Mary’s will is not functioning as it used to be back in the days, but it was always filled with tourists or a group of elders talking about their day and of course there was many pigeons all around it and olive trees.

As I waited at the bus stop, I enjoyed the view of random teenagers trying to flirt with girls and getting rejected, little kids coming home from school, but they never forget to spend their allowance at the nearest corner store that sells cheap candy and snacks and if it was hot of course ice cream. The city centre of Nazareth and Nazareth in general looks its’ prettiest during Christmas where everything is decorated and a special event for the Christmas tree of the city centre is held when its lights get turned on and lighten up the city with the Christmas spirit. The deeper you walked into the city centre the homier and more historical it feels, especially the Nazareth market.

The Nazareth market is one of the places I did not visit that often but small stores all around the street selling all kinds of stuff starting from toys, street food, clothes, and so on. The atmosphere of the market is very enjoyable and is in the heart of Nazareth. When you leave the area of the city centre you can see a big mall where I would also run away from school to go to because looking at clothes is better than math at the end of the day. The mall may be one of the modern things that are not really part of the historical part of Nazareth, but it has already definitely made its print in history for Nazareth, it is a great place to shop and eat and occasionally many festivals and events are held in it as well.

Nazareth continues to make memories for many and continues to keep its history and historical locations well kept and taken care of for all those who may visit or grow up in. It hold many memories for me and is definitely a great place for a little adventure if you want to visit and explore the city and what it has to offer for its visitors.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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