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The term Sanrio might be unfamiliar to many people, but it is quite an influential company that created a variety of famous characters, such as Hello kitty.

The company Sanrio started in 1960 at Nihonbashi, which is also known as the business district of Tokyo in Japan. Initially, the company was selling silk, but later in 1962 it wanted to stand out, so they started selling sandals with cute designs on them which gathered a lot of attention and love from the population, and slowly but surely the company’s sales started increasing. A collection that that created was strawberry-themed which was one of the main reasons that the sales of the store increased, which, of course, also had cute designs on it. The amount of love and attention the company got from their creative change only motivated the company to work harder, and they hired cartoonists to help create cute designs and patterns for their future collections.

Later in 1969, the company officially created Sanrio greetings which they sold the cute characters and designs they made on gift related products, and that, of course, was a successful product, which led the company to get a film production unit and to start marketing their Sanrio characters in film form.

In 1975 everything changed for the company – they released a clear coin purse with a cute kitty design that also said the word “hello” on it. This was a moment in history, as it marks the very first time the world was introduced to Hello Kitty. Later Hello Kitty became the company’s most popular and famous character, and it remained so till this day. In 1975 the company worked on their first film, which was released in 1977, and in 1976 Hello Kitty was seen for the very first time in America. As all of that was going down, the Sanrio company continued to create characters and expand them.


The brand only kept seeing success and in the 1980s Hello Kitty was everywhere and had her own movies and shows that were popular in America and Japan. Hello Kitty was originally aimed for younger kids, but it ended up being popular even with adults to the point that even big celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were seen in merchandise from the Sanrio company, which only made the company more popular, and fans kept increasing. By the early 2000s Hello Kitty has made a sum of one billion dollars and by the early 2010s Hello Kitty had fifty thousand plus products.

Sanrio is now an international sensation and brand; it keeps growing and gaining success among every age group and many generations. Demand is high and popular for the Sanrio products, movies, toys, clothes, and cartoons. Hello Kitty has made a name for the company and has seen nothing but success since the release of the coin purse that she made her debut on. Hello Kitty could be found everywhere for many years now, and the other Sanrio characters have been gaining popularity and selling out merchandise globally. The story of Sanrio is truly beautiful and admirable and is extremely motivating to work hard and appreciate the creative mind.

Luna Abd Elrazaq


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