Struggling Socially- A Closer Look into the World of an Introverted individual

1 Stuggling Socially

Introverts are viewed as many things as possible, the most common misconception is that introverts are quiet, shy, lack social skills and are rude. As an introvert myself, I have been struggling with those false assumptions for a very long time and in all honesty, I am sick of hearing those opinions about myself.

First of all, as an introvert, it is not really about being shy, it just that we rather listen than talk. Due to introverts preferring listening and talking many mistake it as there is something bothering us, and as much as it is nice to be asked “are you okay?” with time it will start bothering us because almost no one believes that we are truly okay and is just our nature to sit quietly in social situations. Another assumption that comes with being quite in a social situation is the assumption is that we are being rude by not being active or not saying hi to everyone in the room, but many seem to forget that we are not usually around people and that usually we are around our self or families so the thought of saying hi to someone or talking to make your presence visible is not important to us.

Second of all, despite the fact that the term “Introvert” and “Extravert” are common ways to describe our self our someone we know many people still have a massive lack of understanding that we truly enjoy having a simple quite life and not socializing as often as others, yet many people will force us to go out and get mad or shocked that we are not socializing but just standing quietly in a corner most likely zoning out or just simply on our phones because in a room full of people we will still feel alone and stressed rather than open to make new friendships and connections.

Third of all, many mistake introverts to be shy but once we get comfortable with someone a new image can be seen; many introverts are actually not shy at all it all goes down to comfort. If an introvert is comfortable around a person that is not a family member, they will be very talkative and open unlike their usual public image of cold and unapproachable due to lack of socializing.

The misconception and false point of views surrounding introverts can become exhausting. Personally speaking, I have been labelled all of the things mentioned above and it always hurts my feeling because I know if someone was able to make me feel comfortable enough around them rather than just assume that I am one of many things I am not it will be easier for me to try to get out of my comfort zone, however due to all the false assumptions and harsh opinions that come my way it is hard to have a small bit of desire to make friends or try to attempt to experience any social events.

To sum up, introverts are usually not good at first impressions but that does not mean that they are only that assumption. Introverts can be one of the most caring and loyal people you may meet, it just takes time to see and experience that from an introvert, so always be patient.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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