How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with our Bodies

1 Healthy Relationship With Our Bodies

Today’s culture revolves around the way we look quite a bit, with that also comes specific standards towards our bodies, for example our legs are supposed to be strong but skinny at the same time which is very unrealistic to many body types for many different reasons one of them being bone structure.

Developing a healthy relationship with all the ridiculous opinions the internet has on our bodies is hard but possible and the first step to that is to change your mindset. For starters, we need to understand that our bodies are there for a specific reason and not to fulfil some type of standard. Our bodies keep us living and healthy from everything we may face, even small things such as pathogens, and for woman, our bodies will someday carry our children so they must stay at their best health for our own good and for our future.

Another activity that has been on the rise of popularity is exercise. Exercise is of course a very healthy activity to do and can improve our health but many use it in a negative way, it becomes some type of addiction that can destroy our health. Just like most things, doing something more than needed can have a negative result and this is no different. If a person has some type of eating issue they will use exercise as a type of guilt decrease-ing they will eat candy and go immediately work out to burn the calories and even sometimes do more than needed and burn all the calories, they ate that day which will destroy their health because it’s practically feeling guilty for eating. Therefore, developing a healthy relationship with eating and working out is important for a healthy relationship with our body.

Another aspect to add to our daily routines is self-love talk, it can be as simple as looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you look good today. We often speak to ourselves in a negative way and destroy our self-esteem, which results in many psychological issues and sometimes enables us from going outside and having a social life due to how negatively we view our selves. Starting with simple compliments to our selves in the mirror everyday can help so much, a lot of people believe in the saying “Fake it till you make it”, which many think faking having high self-esteem or a very high level of confidence will eventually lead us to being genuinely confident and happy with ourselves.

Developing a healthy view of ourselves is hard but worth it, it will not happen in a matter of a week, it can take up to months or even years but what’s important is to stay consistent throughout this whole journey of improving our relationship with our body. Focusing on improving our mindsets and letting go of what the internet or magazines say is a “perfect” body will let us enjoy living just a bit more than usual. The human body is there to protect us, and we should protect it and keep it in it’s best health because some people have to suffer in order to be born with a healthy and functioning body, so we should all be thankful and caring towards our bodies.

Luna Abd Elrazaq.

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