The Rise and Impact of the Asian entertainment industry

1 The Rise And Impact Of.

During the past few years’ Asian movies, music, and television series have been very successful and gaining popularity among international fans. The fan base for these projects come from all around the world and is constantly growing rapidly day by day, a Once small phenomenon that became an international success, the creations and projects of the Asian entertainment industry has been growing without surprise.

In recent years, the movie “Parasite” won an Oscar, making it the first Asian movie to do so and making history, this win made many Asian countries proud of their race and specifically the country of the movie’s origin, South Korea.  The Asian entertainment industry is constantly growing but South Korea is one of the most influential Asian countries currently. Many people around the world adore the many creations that originate from South Korea, especially, the music, fashion, cosmetic products, and many television series and movies. All this international fame is being labelled as the “Korean wave”, making people everywhere gain interest in the many projects that are created in South Korea, and many looks forward for the future creations coming their way.

Another Asian country that successfully created their own projects that reached international fanbase is Japan. Japan is known for many things, one of those things is anime, anime is a specifically Japanese way of drawing animations that is usually aimed for adults and children that can be turned into movies, television series, or in its original form, which is comic, but the Japanese term for it is Manga.

Due to the massive rise of the Asian entertainment industry, tourism has been rising as well, in the past few years due to the pandemic, of course, not many tourist were able to visit their dream destinations to those beautiful Asian countries, but that did not stop the interest from the fans, many even planned out their trips during the pandemic as motivation to help reduce cases of the pandemic in order to be able to travel to their desired destination in Asia.

Many fans are even learning the languages of the countries they are interested in, it is truly amazing for just a movie or a television series to inspire a viewer to learn a whole new language.

With the help of social media and the amount of awareness that spreads all over it, it is only logical for so many users of social media to write blogs, create videos, or even post photos of the movies and television series originating from the Asian entertainment industry and making others around them gain interest as well. All these movies, music videos, and television series are so beautifully made that they captivate the viewer, now wonder many gains interest in the Asian entertainment industry, it was only right for this specific genre of entertainment to get the recognition it deserves and have a huge fan base all around the world.

Due to the over-whelming growth and influence of the Asian entertainment industry, many Asians around the world are joyful about having diversity in represented in films and having an international audience for those movies or shows makes people have less of a stereotypical view towards Asians and their abilities.

Movies, music, television series, what ever it is, something so simple is creating such a wonderful impact on the entertainment industry and on the lives of many, it is truly a beautiful accomplishment.

Luna Abd Elrazaq

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